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UI/UX Consultant | LX Designer | CSM® | Author
My new book will help you implement the UX research in your design process and guide you through your journey as a UX Researcher.

I’m a UI/UX Designer and Strategist with an extensive background in Product Management.
Skilled as an effective facilitator and Problem-solver. Recognized for a passion to the User Experience challenges, to improve our processes of work and develop design systems, and willing to embrace new ideas, concepts and challenges.

Houssem Nmiri

UI/UX Consultant | LX Designer | CSM® | Author

How can I help you

Improve Performance

Improve performance, capacity, and scalability of product. How do you see your product in 5 years ? I help you shed some light on it.


I perfectly balance user and Business needs to create a delightful viable product.

Solid UX Strategy

A strong UX strategy leads to a better viable product. There is NO RULE in UX. Right or wrong depends on perspective and context.


Create and Manage a SSOT that connects design and code so teams can work smarter, faster, and more in sync.

There is NO RULE in UX. Right or wrong depends on perspective and context. Its value is dependent on the purpose that it serves and the end user who needs it.​

My Top Teamwork

Don't look for leadership

Leadership obsession is killing companies and Team Spirit. A leader doesn't have to feel like one. Alpha personalities are the worst thing to happen in a team.

Don't defend your work

It is important to recognize the impact that ego can have on one’s ability to receive feedback. Rather than defending you should listen, reflect, and ask questions.

Good decision is Humble

A good decision cannot be based on intuition or opinion. Remain open-minded to new ideas and collaborate. We don't create products that are reflections of ourselves.

Favorite Product and UX

Rapid and iterative UX phases to deliver an MVP and collect real feedbacks. This method is placing a heavy focus on team collaboration, allowing designers and developers to work together from the very start.



Strategy, Research and Analysis

This phase sets the foundation for everything that comes after.



Bring ideas & designs into reality.

From basic organization and structure to beautiful products.



Measuring Performance & Success

Measuring the performance of the product & design then RE-THINKING

The best user experiences are created when well-defined problems and attentive designs come together.

What people say?

My Top

User Experience


UX Research


Instructional Design


UX Writing

Design Systems

My recent

Frequently asked questions

Development skills are important and products should be visually attractive. But what I enjoy and excel at, is the UX Analysis. Most of tools and Software can be mastered with practice but the key to success for a product is the way you think.

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