The Poka-yoke in UX Design , the defensive design.

inadvertent error prevention

What is Poke-yoke

Poke-yoke is a japanease word which means “mistake-proofing” or “inadvertent error prevention”.
The Poke-yoke is the art of designing the User Experience in an efficient way that grants a good understanding of The interface to prevent User Errors and to avoid Unconscious Slips.

Example1 : Adding a ““Remove account‘’ Button next to “Edit Profile” button is very dangerous because the user may delete his account with a wrong click instead of editing his account information.

Example2 : A wrong UX design by facilitating access to an action of “sending Missile Alert” which happened in Hawaii.

By mistake and because of a bad Human interface design, a terrifying message was sent to all residents of Hawaii . They received an emergency alert that a ballistic missile is on the way.

So How can we Prevent the same UX mistakes ?

The Answer is :
1- Sort the User actions By Levels : Low,Medium,High.

2- Keep the interface simple and easy to use for daily basic actions or Low level actions.

3- Keep the administrative actions (high level): removing access, deleting accounts,unsubscribing, unfriending people” harder to access and manipulate … with popups, alerts and confirmations windows, To Push the user to think Twice before making his decision( or destroying a state ).

The more the Risk is, the more you have to aim for complexity in the UX and the Interactions. Risky Actions should be Hardly Reachable.

Don’t keep this to yourself

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